Zesty Zumbo

ZUMBO PATISSERIE, SOUTH YARRA: A spur of the moment decision and hankering for chocolatey dessert goodness led us to this South Yarra patisserie, featuring desserts from the renowned Croquembouche mastermind, Adriano Zumbo. There is quite a select range of cakes and only 2/3 tables and chairs in the glass cabinet, takeaway cake section. Being a Monday afternoon, there weren’t many people so it was quite a lovely setting to enjoy our piece of dessert decadence, with the electric neon “Zumbo” lighting up the dreary afternooon.

Flourless Chocolate Fondant Cake (Italian meringue, fresh strawberries and assorted decorations) – $7.5


Absolutely gorgeous piece of desert porn ❤

The good fat: Super rich and dense chocolate cake that wasn’t too overpowering, as there was a dark chocolate undertone that cut through any sweetness. It was like a maximum impact, soft chewy chocolate brownie! Absolutely nothing to criticise in terms of the chocolate cake itself – taking each bite through the chocolatey layers was simply heaven. The meringue peaks were very fluffy and light, but not really a hint of meringue flavour. Presentation was also stunning! The delicately placed decorations gave it a really cool, edgy 3D look that was aesthetically gorgeous.

The bad fat: The macaroons were very sweet, and although it was two different flavours – each side was different coloured, (which was really inventive) it meant that you couldn’t really appreciate the single flavours themselves. Also tasted a little like they had left it for too long as the outside wasn’t really the nice crispiness I enjoy. Could also have more effort in terms of presenting the cake on the plate for dining in.

Fat-o-meter: 4/5


YES! Another dessert place to add to my growing list, I can’t wait to try the brownie and cheesecake they have here 🙂


Zumbo Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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