The American Dream

GRAND TRAILER PARK TAVERNA: The funniest background story to how we ended up here on a Thursday afternoon after uni! Our lecturer mentioned a bacteria-caused disease epidemic called the “Hamburger Disease” and before we knew it, a burger craving started rising from our stomachs that simply had to be satisfied… A throw’s away from Parliament station, Grand Trailer has a unique setting, stationed up the stairs with a very American-esque “trailer park” theme to it. We settled in a dimly lit booth surrounded by the homely timber floors and a painted trailer aesthetic. Overall, super friendly service and very chill, relaxing vibes especially for a group setting.

KSA in the Hood (Premium Aussie Beef Patty, American Cheddar Cheese, Tomato, Butter Lettuce, Special Burger Sauce and American Mustard on a Toasted Brioche Bun) – $14.0


The OG! The must-get basic burger that will satisfy any hanger issues

The good fat: Beautiful, juicy beef patty oozing with freshly minced, quality beef that simply melted in the mouth. The meagre slices of veggies not only added a dash of colour but provided an extra juicy, fresh crunch to the overall texture. A super soft and warm brioche bun that was slightly crunchy in all the right places and authentic American mustard that just left my salivary glands wanting more! (Except that the burger was already extremely filling and probably left me in a calorie gain for a few days… but who counts calories at a burger place?! ^_^) But overall, I have to say the beef patty really drove this one home.

The bad fat: Wasn’t too sure how “the special burger sauce” was supposed to taste like but all the flavours worked seamlessly so I’m not really complaining…

Fat-o-meter: 4.5/5

Campfire Cake (Fresh Housemade Peanut Butter and Maple Syrup Sponge Cake, filled with Peanut Butter Parfait, Popcorn and Peanut Butter Sauce) – $15.0


A towering cake that satisfies all of my guilty pleasures hehe

The good fat: Every element of this cake was perfect – from the spongy moistness of the cake, to the light, fluffy texture of the parfait, all perfectly enriched with nutty peanut butter… utterly delicious! That being said, peanut butter is one of my greatest weaknesses so when peanut butter desserts are rich and textured – it leaves me speechless. It was soft to cut through, and I loved the creative messiness of the towering cake, layered with the parfait inside to break up the slightly drier portions of the cake.

The bad fat: Would not be able to finish this myself (or maybe? ;)) as it gets very rich and  heavy towards the end. The maple syrup can also slightly overpower the peanut butter at some points with its strong sweetness. The popcorn left soaked in the peanut syrup also meant it went soft quickly if not eaten early.

Fat-o-meter: 4/5

S’mores Pie (Biscuit base, Chocolate Ganache, Italian Meringue with Chocolate Sauce and Strawberries) – $12.0


This was really, really, really thin 😦

The good fat: Crunchy biscuit base and rich, dark chocolate ganache. Strawberries added a bit of much needed fresh, juicy lightness.

The bad fat: Probably the worst dish of the day. It was very disappointingly thin, barely the thickness of a Tim Tam and despite the richness of the ganache on top of the biscuit, the chocolate sauce tasted like classic sugary and artificial store-bought sauce drizzled on top – and became the overpowering flavour. I couldn’t appreciate any of the gorgeous, marshmallow and chocolate gooey-ness of s’mores on this meagre little slice.

Fat-o-meter: 1.5/5


YES – Will definitely be back to indulge in more of the juicy, calorie-packed burgers, try the devilishly delicious milkshakes and satisfy all my guilty pleasures (Looks like it’s back to the treadmill I go…)


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