Set on Fire

LITTLE SICHUAN: At the suggestion of my Sichuanese friend, I was persuaded into testing my spice tolerance with her at Little Sichuan in QV. Coming from Chong Qing, my friend KNOWS authentic Sichuan food, and she strongly recommended this place for its homely vibes and authenticity – apparently with chilli powder that tastes exactly like those from Chong Qing. Pretty affordable prices like most Asian food, but after talking a walk through Chinatown we found quite a few more Sichuanese restaurants that were selling similar dishes for half the price! :O Thank goodness it was a cold day but even the winter breeze barely did anything to soothe my fiery mouth after…

Sichuan Wok (Spicy Stir Fried Potato and Lotus Root) – $10.0


The good fat: This was a pretty decent portion size, with a multitude of veggies mixed into it – bean sprouts, peanuts, cucumber, seaweed, baby corn and the like, as well as our added potato and lotus root. The lotus root would have to be my favourite, as the crunchy mellowness of the interior provided temporary relief to the hot, everything else! The peanuts and fried chickpeas also gave the dish some much needed crunchy nuttiness to undercut the spice.

The bad fat: Probably because I can’t handle that much spice but too me, the dish was just an overload of hot spicy sauce with vegetables dumped in it. Also, considering we ordered potato (a cheap veggie) there were only maybe 6 thin slices in the whole bowl…

Fat-o-meter: 2.5/5

Steamed Beef – $12.8


When you’re expecting crispy fried beef but instead it’s soft and spicy! Mmm

The good fat: Really flavoursome dish with spiciness blending through the tender beef and softness of the steamed flour coating. Very tasty and gave a really powerful spicy kick that I could still handle.

The bad fat: Very small portion size, as the depth of the steamer is quite deceptive… the beef was only filled at the very top. There was also quite a lot of flour in comparison to meat.

Fat-o-meter: 3.5/5


I wouldn’t go again.. but if you’re craving Sichuanese spice, Little Sichuan might be a nice place to try as it seems pretty popular with the International students who know their Asian cuisine.


Little Sichuan Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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