Steak Surprise

SAN TELMO, MELBOURNE CBD: An Argentinian restaurant right next to the towering Sofitel hotel, be sure to book early for prime dining time hours at this premium steak house. The lighting inside is dark but very vibey, and perfect for a late group dinner or a romantic date night! Having heard awesome reviews about this place, I couldn’t wait to try the steak here. I must confess I’m not a huge steak eating expert, nor fanatic but even in my novice steak-eating adventures, I can absolutely vouch that the steak here exceeded all of my expectations, even though it left a decent dent in my wallet. and The customer service also made our night with friends very memorable – with our extremely friendly waitress who was happy to give us her wine and menu recommendations.

The waitress explained that the menu here was designed for sharing, as the steak comes all sliced up. Listening to her advice, we ordered 2 steaks here to share between 3 and chose to forego the starters (after all we’re here for STEAK!) Just a heads up to expect a long wait (approx. 45 minutes) for the steaks.

Ojo de bife (O’Connor’s Premium Dry Aged Pasture Rib Eye 500g) – $78.0


Check out the juicy redness peaking through the charred exterior

The good fat: How can a steak be THIS good?! It was tender, juicy and full of flavour with a perfect amount of fat embedded inside. The tomato and herb salsa on the side was an optional addition for those wanting a bit more of a kick. The steak was cooked medium rare and very easy to cut through. Simply a cliched, melt in the mouth delicious.

The bad fat: Would’ve preferred if some parts of the tendon hadn’t been left on it as it made those sections extra chewy.

Fat-o-meter: 4.5/5

Bife de lomo (O’Connor’s Premium Pasture Fed Eye Fillet 300g) – $66.0


No individual pic but eye fillet is the bottom one 🙂

The good fat: WOW! Just to let you know how much of a steak novice I am, I think this was the first time that I’ve had eye fillet and I was blown away by this cut. It was amazingly tender and smooth, giving me an impression of highly marbled wagyu (sorry if that’s not what eye fillet feels like for you oops). Not quite as juicy as the rib eye but it was a beautiful, high class cut of meat that felt like velvet in the mouth.

The bad fat: If the rib eye didn’t rob me yet, this 300g of eye fillet certainly killed my bank… that averages down to $11 for 1 large mouthful of meat 😥

Fat-o-meter: 4/5


YES! I can’t wait to come back and try the salted caramel flan dessert. Fair warning: expect a hefty bill to satisfy those steak cravings but I love this place even though I’m not a huge steak eater!

FAT-O-METER: 4.5/5

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