Brekky Buffet Belly

NO 35: Perched at the top of the Sofitel on Collins street, No. 35 offers a buffet or continental breakfast option, as well as seasonal lunch and dinner menus. We arrived here bright and early at 7am, ready to eat our way through all the brekky pastries, smoothies and omelettes, just to name a few. The ambiance of the restaurant is not one to go amiss, with excellent hospitality, and floor to ceiling views of the Yarra all the way to St Kilda. The setting is very modern, with 1 on 1 tables facing the tall glass panels and an extensive wine cabinet as you walk in.

Unlimited tea or coffee is offered as soon as you are seated, and I had both the green tea and a half strength caramel cappuccino. (I know I’m greedy hehehe) The cappuccino was a bit flat and took a while to come out so it was a bit cold, but I enjoyed sweetness cutting through cos I’m a kid who still can’t stand the 100% bitterness of coffee…


Open kitchen ready to take your orders!

The cooked-to-order section included must-needed omelettes – with your own choice of toppings), waffles – really soft and sweet but unfortunately no chocolate syrup.. eggs your way, and crepes. The wait time was quite fast and I really enjoyed the texture of my omelette and waffle.

The fresh juice drinks were delicious! I had one of each type of smoothie that came in mini shot glasses, ranging from veggie, to carrot and ginger, to strawberry or mango smoothie. The mango smoothie would be my personal favourite! The freshly squeezed juices ranged from classics like apple and orange, to grapefruit, cranberry and guava. Overall, the fruits were fresh and sweet, blending together to produce beautiful mini smoothie cleanses to boost your morning. (There are even little calorie labels for those watching the scales 😉 but why would you be if you’re at a buffet..?)


Mmm look at this amazing variety of brekky items!

The hot foods included classic scrambled eggs, bacon, sausages etc. a highlight for me would have to be the kransky sausage. I liked the crunchiness of the sausage skin and the cheesiness inside, which gave it a super tasty and meaty flavour!


The pastries were delightful, albeit quite narrow in range. They bring new ones every once in a while so don’t go all out on your first trip. The pain au chocolat was soft, crispy and had a decadent centre of chocolate. The spinach and feta muffin was a perfect blend of savouriness and cheese! Definite no from me would be the cream filled donut which was bland and dry, and the blueberry muffin which was way too sweet.

The selection of cold dishes was quite extensive, with fruit, breads, cereal, smoked salmon and cheese was quite extensive but my stomach refused to cooperate with me and so I was forced to forego those options 😦 BUTT I had a little room to try the Sofitel granola in the end and wow it was delicious! Super crunchy, sweet and just overall nutty clusters of goodness – a must try for all granola lovers.

Overall an extensive array of breakfast options, from healthy and refreshing to warm and homely, complemented by a beautiful dining ambiance. The only letdown would be the limited range of pastries.




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