Midday Journey

JOURNEYMAN: A classic brunch place along Chapel Street that is quite the rage (and rightly so!) Arriving here closer to 2pm, we were supposed to be having “brunch.” The airy timber interior was very peaceful, especially on a hot, summer Melbourne day. As it was nowhere near peak hour, we were surprised to see still a few people sitting inside. I spent waaaay too long deciding what to order as everything just seemed like so delicious, especially considering I was starving at 2pm!

Salmon Bruschetta with Smoked Salmon, Mashed Peas and Poached Eggs – $19.0


Finally settled on the salmon dish cos you can never go wrong with salmon! (Or can you?)

The good fat: The bruschetta was really filling and the portion was generous. I quite liked the geometric layout of the dish and the variety of colours, from the red, yellow to green. The bruschetta was very flavoursome, heaped with generous amounts of the filling. The warm tenderness of the salmon, freshness of the basil and tomato worked well with the crunchy bread, all topped with a perfect amount of cheese (you can’t go wrong with too much cheese hehe). The eggs were poached perfectly, and the mashed peas were quite plain, but gave the much needed veggie lightness to the dish.

The bad fat: I don’t think the charred lemon worked well with this as an element of the dish; it was nice to have lemon squeezed on for that extra zestiness. They didn’t actually mention on the menu there were going to be peas so I was super excited when I first noticed the green mash on the side, thinking that it was avocado only to be disappointed after tasting it (avocado would’ve been amazing though!) I also would’ve liked the tomato bruschetta to pack more of an Italian, hearty punch in terms of flavour.

Fat-o-meter: 4/5


YES! Great, relaxing vibes with generous sizes. I can’t wait to try the crispy pork benedict next time. The potato croquette is also very popular but wasn’t offered the day we went…


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