One Soggy Strawberry

AUCTION ROOMS: A 15 minute walk from uni – perfect for a midday brunch or before class kind of thing! (especially to avoid weekend peak hour lines) We went there around 1:30pm on a sweltering, Melbourne, Wednesday and were surprised to find that the open dining area was really nice and cool instead, with high ceiling, and a very rustic, timber-y decor. The service was probably a bit slow for a off-peak time but it’s a lovely place to sit, relax and take in the outdoors-y vibes. *Note the menu is a little bit different to the one online

Brûlée French Toast (Passionfruit labné, Macadamia Crumble, Glazed Strawberries and White Chocolate Ganache) – $16.5


Pretty colours! Until you notice the sad strip of white chocolate

I opted for a sweet brunch/lunch option this time! I’m not usually a bit fan of sweet lunches, especially after the ricotta hotcakes (Top Notch Top Paddock?) :/

The good fat: The french toast was really nice and fluffy, giving a very soft and spongy texture – luckily not soggy or too moist either! The level of sweetness balanced nicely with the white chocolate. The macadamia crumble was quite crunchy as well.

The bad fat: The passionfruit labné tasted like store bought yoghurt and it was really sour so for me, it didn’t really go well with the rest of the dish – unless you enjoy a random acidic kick when you’re eating soft, light french toast. The macadamia crumble and glazed strawberries were JUST SAD. I had maybe not even one whole strawberry in total cut up into tiny squishy bits that didn’t really taste glazed, just like it had been canned (if you can even have canned strawberries…) There was way too little macadamia crumble just dotted on in specks at the top of the toast – the nutty crunchiness I was looking forward to was basically enveloped by the softness and sweetness of the toast. The white chocolate ganache was almost non-existent, just a little drizzle on the side that wasn’t really enough for all the toast – that being said, it meant that at least this dish wasn’t too sweet, which I was a bit worried about. Overall, there also could’ve been a larger portion size with more white chocolate ganache and definitely more fruit… at least more than one soggy strawberry.

Fat-o-meter: 3/5


MAYBE!? There might be a few bad points and possible points of improvement here but it doesn’t mean that it was a bad dish, the flavours were quite nice just nothing spectacular.


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