UNIVERSAL: Situated on the busy Italian street that is Lygon street, Universal is not for the faint-hearted. Almost all Melbournians have heard about the famous chicken parmagiana and at the end of the day, either come here with friends or except some real gains after hehe. It’s always quite busy during prime dinner time, especially on the weekend so get in early or expect to wait. Cheap and near impossible to finish, the parma is definitely the most popular item on the menu so definitely go for it next time you’re here!

Chicken Parmagiana (Chicken Schnitzel with Napoli, Mozzarella, Beer-battered Chips and Italian Slaw) – $14.0


Side on capture of this monster – 2 TIMES MY HUGE AF FACE

The good fat: HUGE PORTION SIZE so for the cheap price tag, this is extremely economical as sharing one is plenty for between two people. It is literally double the size of my face (which is already very big and round btw >_<) You can pay extra for bacon but with the huge slab of protein in front of you already, bacon is quite unnecessary. The chicken itself is cooked nicely and moist, whilst the chips and salad cut back the density of the protein and are quite substantial portions in themselves. The slaw is necessary in this regard.

The bad fat: It’s not so great in terms of actual taste. The chicken itself has no flavour whatsoever (I suppose you can add salt and pepper to it) whilst the Napoli sauce is quite sour and tomato-ey with nothing savoury or sweet to cut back on its acidity.So overall a very simple, slightly bland tasting dish. Some more cheese either within the Napoli or just dusted on would have also given this dish more flavours.

Fat-o-meter: 3.5/5

We also ordered 2 fruit drinks (added up to the same price of the parma LOL) which was a refreshing, sweet touch to balance the density of the parma but was probably not necessary. They use mostly store bought fruit juice as a main constituent of the drink, whilst very minimal fruit pieces are used, which definitely would’ve given the drinks a genuine, fruity and fresh taste. But the mango smoothie was quite lovely.


When the drinks cost more than your main meal…


Yes – just once to experience the sheer monstrous size of the parma for record-cheap prices. But if you’re looking for taste, look elsewhere.

FAT-O-METER: 3.5/5

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