Sober Soba

(SHIMBASHI SOBA AND SAKE BAR: The last night in Melbourne for one of us before uni was about to start 😥 and we were originally planning to have a few shots of soju but ended up opting for soba and staying sober (get it? :P)

The reviews of Shimbashi on zomato are really quite high for a relatively mid-ranged, casual Asian restaurant, certainly one of the highest ratings for Japanese places, so we thought it would be a nice place for a light dinner after our great feed at Chin Chin for late lunch (see Double Chin for Chin Chin) The place is really quite packed and busy – especially in a small, cramped space. It’s a bit further down Chinatown towards Parliament side, close to quite a few other restaurant bars and the random spots of Italian restaurants in Chinatown. We were lucky enough to be seated straight away and the waitress bought over this mash potato and lettuce side dish to start. The mash potato was surprisingly tasty! Unlike Korean places, they don’t over free re-fills though.

Kamo Nan Soba (Warm soup noodle with sliced duck meat and mushrooms) – $20.0


The bamboo mat is a nice aesthetic touch!

The good fat: Unfortunately not much. The soba noodles are hand made so the texture was quite light which was nice. The soup was warm and serving the two separately was good as it gave us the option of trying the soba both cold or with soup.

The bad fat: The soba noodles were soooooo bland. It says that it comes with soba sauce but basically I couldn’t taste anything. On the contrary, the soup was very salty which I suppose could balance the soba out but considering we mainly came here for the soba, it was quite disappointing. The duck pieces were almost non-existent and the overall portion was also quite small, especially for $20.

Fat-o-meter: 2.5/5


No. Depends on if you’re feeling soba haha 😉 Not sure why this place is so hyped but there are definitely better Japanese places around e.g. Wagaya at Bourke St or Calia (Melbourne Michelin)

FAT-O-METER: 2.5/5

Shimbashi Soba & Sake Bar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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