K for Chicken

GAMI FRIED CHICKEN, MELBOURNE CBD: On the night before the annual White Night event in Melbourne CBD, we decided to take a long walk away from the beginning of the festivities for an early-ish dinner at Gami Fried Chicken on 535 Lonsdale Street. It’s a little bit hard to find as it’s off the side street on Lonsdale where there are a multitude of other restaurants e.g. Mapo Grill etc.

The interior is quite homely, with dim lighting and quite a dark, brown, wooden scheme. The service is quite quick and the waiters are lovely, bringing up extra sides if asked etc. We only ordered the half fried chicken in sweet chilli which came with 9 pieces of heaven and hell. Heaven for the taste buds and hell for health. We both LOVE Korean fried chicken 🙂 actually we like all types of fried chicken, KFC included hehe but the saucy flavouring in Korean fried chicken is on another level. There are only 4 flavours to choose from: Soy garlic (classic), original, sweet chilli, and spicy. Soy garlic is probably to this day still my favourite, whether from Nene Chicken or elsewhere.


Give me more pickled radish hehehe

The good fat:  But I wanted to try the sweet chilli this time and mannnnnnnn it was saucy. The meat was tender, and the skin was fried nicely –  light and crisp, not too hard and dry which would completely ruin the dish. The sweet chilli was quite sweet and thick, there was barely a hint of spice but it was overall still very flavoursome. There is an “entree” of the asian fried shrimp sticks that they bring out when you’re waiting for your meal. The chicken comes with sides of a huge serving of Korean slaw and pickled radish which are always a necessity to cleanse your mouth after a heavy dish. OMG the pickled radish!! I’m not sure why but I was obsessed with the pickled radish at this place. I’m not usually a big fan of the Korean pickled side dishes, but something about this radish made me addicted… it was juicy, crunchy, sour, and sweet all in one that made me amazingly attracted to it.

The bad fat: There is a puddle of sauce left at the bottom of the little basket; and don’t freak out at the glistening layer of oil over the chicken that comes plated up before you.

Fat-o-meter: 3.5/5


YES! The price was $18 for half chicken, which is pretty standard but I would probably go again if I ever need another korean chicken fix!! I would also consider trying the corn cheese, as it seems to be quite recognised for it and as we left, the smell of the sizzling cheese from another table was really tempting…

FAT-O-METER: 3.5/5

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