Going Gaga for Grain Store

GRAIN STORE, MELBOURNE CBD: After reading up some incredible reviews, we were keen to try grain store! We went there just a little bit past 9 on a Saturday morning to avoid prime time brunching hour (no one likes lining up) and we managed to get ourselves a table just before a line started building up outside.


That rustic ceiling vibe

The interior is really welcoming, with an area of longer tables for larger group events, as well as an outdoor seating area. The highlight of the decor would probably be the sweet treats table piled with plates of tarts, cakes, croissants and pastries to complement your meal or coffee. Drawn to the desserts, we had to order the strawberry matcha tart. For our brunch, we ordered the portobello mushroom and gruyere potato rosti, along with the shredded lamb and potato hash.



A little meagre in size 😦

Portobello Mushroom and Gruyere Potato Rosti (Poached eggs, spinach leaves, hazelnut hollandaise) – $18.0

The good fat: This dish came with 6 tenderly sauteed portobello mushrooms and a small circular piece of potato rosti with a nice, soft centre. The two poached eggs were placed on the side with hazelnut hollandaise drenched around the top. The hollandaise sauce was quite creamy and subtle, . The spinach leaves added a bit of greenness to the dark, neutral colours of the mushroom and rosti.

The bad fat: Portion size was a bit small, especially the roti and a mere 6 portobello mushrooms. We would’ve liked to have perhaps some sourdough on the side just to soak up the yolk as it simply leaked onto the plate otherwise. A source of bread/carbohydrates would also increase the portion size, which was on the small side. An actual hint of hazelnut in the hollandaise sauce would’ve been even better.

Fat-o-meter: 3.5/5



Our top pick for brunch so far!

Shredded Lamb and Potato Hash (Fried egg, onion rings, pickled mango, spiced yoghurt, mint dukkah) – $21.0

The good fat: This dish was amazing. By cutting a piece of each of the elements of the dish and eating them together, was simply pure perfection for my palette. The tender, smokey shreds of lamb, the crunchy fried onion ring, the sweetness of the mango, topped with the acidity of the spiced yoghurt and fresh beads of mint dukkah… was one of the best combo of flavours and textures I’ve ever tasted. The presentation certainly did not let the dish down as the colourful elements were placed skilfully for a beautiful three dimensional display. The highlight probably came from the pickled mango, which was really quite something, with its simple, juicy sweetness really adding that extra dimension of flavour, which would’ve otherwise been overtaken by the acidity of the spiced yoghurt sauce.

The bad fat: Not enough!

Fat-o-meter: 4.5/5


Breakfast isn’t complete without dessert

Strawberry Matcha Tart – $6

The good fat: Now you might know that I’m not a big fan of fruit desserts as they tend to be too sweet and artificial, but we took a stab with this strawberry matcha flavour combo (mostly because it was MATCHA hehe <3) The matcha flavour was great – strong but not sweet, as the tangy sweetness came from the thin layer of strawberry jam layered on top of the matcha filling so the jam vs. matcha ratio was perfect! The fresh strawberries on top were juicy and refreshing, adding moisture when taking a mouthful of the entire tart. The shortcut pastry broke apart perfectly when cut, and gave the entire tart a solid texture and neutral taste as a backdrop.

The bad fat: NOTHING!

Fat-o-meter: 4.5/5


YES! An amazing brunch place probably slightly more expensive than other places, but we were extremely satisfied with our main meal and dessert.

FAT-O-METER: 4.5/5

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