Gâteaux Gastronomy


BIBELOT, SOUTH MELBOURNE: Situated in the leafy, suburban area of South Melbourne, and a short stroll from the hustling bustling activity of the South Melbourne Markets, Bibelot is a place of desert dreams. As you walk in, you are presented with a wall of chocolate treats and sweets, ranging from chocolate truffles, to nut covered delights, to honey comb crunch. Unfortunately we didn’t try any, as we were quickly enticed by the exotic array of fanciful flavoured cakes on offer in the glass display cabinets. Next to the macaroons and chocolate bon bons, there is also the option of a tasting platter featuring petite pieces of a few cakes, a pistachio macaroon, a chocolate bon bon and a biscuit.


They’re so perfectly spherical!

After much mouth drooling at the cakes and indecision between the Mango, Yuzu and Coconut Dome, and the Triple Chocolate Cheesecake, the desire to step out of my strictly chocolate cake comfort zone, won over, and we ordered the Mango, Yuzu and Coconut Dome.


Now the Dome cakes are the highlights of Bibelot, as they’re not really found elsewhere… who knows how they manage to make them! The mango dome cake had quite a simple design on the exterior, with a PERFECTLY hemispherical orange dome on top of a biscuit base and garnished with chocolate and emblazoned white chocolate logo.

After many photos with our prized little aesthetic treasure, we haphazardly cut into the orange mango mouse. Almost like the different layers of the earth’s crust (sorry for the nerdy reference), the cake featured 4 different layers, including:

  1. 2 layers of Mango Mousse: not too sweet (yet probably the sweetest layer) very light and fluffy just as a high quality mousse should be but the mango flavour could be stronger.
  2. Yuzu cremeux: cream whipped using the yuzu (a Japanese citrus plant) that added a subtle lemon-y acidic taste which gave a bit of a punch
  3. Caramelised coconut creme: very thin, light coconut flavouring
  4. Coconut dacquoise: dacquoise is a form of french sponge cake, and in this, the very airy, spongy texture was an intricate addition to the creams and mousse – however the coconut flavour was a bit lacking, and probably overpowered by the acidity of the yuzu and sweetness of mango.

The salted peanut streusel base had a very strong nutty taste (which I LOVED) but it felt a bit detached from the rest of the cake. Nevertheless, it gave that much needed crunchy, slightly salty texture to contrast the smooth lightness of the dome.


We’re sitting on the thrones hehe


Yep! A delectable dessert, with a clean, classy setting (there are even throne-like chairs around the tables) and would probably go back again for the cheesecake hehe.


Bibelot Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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